"Languages ​​and learning: interdisciplinary perspectives"

Thursday, 18 May, 2023

Doctor and member of the Division of Corspus Studies and Applied Linguistics, Cristina Alfonzo de Tovar will participate next Wednesday, May 24, 2023 in the Series of Conferences entitled Languages ​​and learning: interdisciplinary perspectives to be held at the University of Aveiro-Portugal. 

Ms. Cristina Alfonzo de Tovar will give the conference "Intercultural mediation in the foreign language classroom".

This activity is organized by the Center for Research on Languages, Literatures and Cultures of that University in collaboration with IATEXT. 

La investigadora Nira Santana ha publicado un capítulo en el libro" Los caminos de la Historia Moderna: presente y porvenir de la investigación"

Wednesday, 26 April, 2023

Predoctoral researcher and member of the Division Documentation, Heritage and Atlantic History of IATEXT, Nira Santana Montañez has published a chapter called "Precarious lives. Widows in the Canary Islands during the Old Regime" in the book "Los caminos de la Historia Moderna: present  future de la investigación " which has been directed by Ofelia Rey Castelao from the University of Santiago de Compostela and Francisco Cebreiro Ares from the Complutense University of Madrid.

This work is a set of works by young researchers in Modern History that is organized into six large sections in line with the most recent historiographical currents: political itineraries; private routes; commercial circuits; the ways of faith; the paths of culture and the journeys of the history of the genre. 

Seminario de Historia Moderna: Estado moderno y política internacional.

Wednesday, 26 April, 2023

The Doctor and member of the University Institute of Textual Analysis and Applications, Javier Luis Álvarez Santos organizes the Modern History Seminar "Modern State and International Politics".

This Seminar will take place on May 9, 2023 in the "Agustín Millares Carló" Humanities Building.  

At 10:30 a.m. there will be the conference "Dynasticism, religion and reason of State: international relations in Europe at the beginning of the 17th century" and at 5:00 p.m., "The War of Succession Spanish: an international conflict during the Old Regime". Both conferences will be given by Dr. David Martín Marcos from UNED.

II Conference on Studies on the History of the Czech Republic

Tuesday, 25 April, 2023

Doctor and IATEXT member, Daniel Castillo Hidalgo organizes the II Conference on Studies on the History of the Czech Republic that will be held on May 3, 2023 in the IATEXT Multipurpose Room at 10:00 a.m.

On this occasion, a conference will be given on the "Eight milestones in the contemporary history of the Czech Republic", by Professor Tomás Hubalek, from the University of Olomouc, who is visiting our university within the Erasmus program.