Rhetoric, Humanism and Classical Tradition

Its research activities in the basic field is the study of the Spanish and European Renaissance rhetorical precepts to establish their interdependence; the study of literary topics in Latin literature and its survival in the current literature and popular culture; and the study of ancient Greek and Latin geography, with special attention to texts linked with Africa and the Canary Islands. In applied research and transfer, its activitis are focused on the application of rhetorical theory to public speaking and the teaching of oral skills in Spanish as a FL / L2; the study on the technical terminology of Greco-Latin origins and the proposal of contents in software applications for learning of Spanish in professional fields (medicine, chemistry, etc.); content design for computer applications for researchers in the field of philology in order to facilitate the design of contents in software applications for teaching Latin and classical culture in contemporary popular culture. The results of these investigations are intended to influence the field of education, training and research according to the general and specific objectives of IATEXT.