Cognition, Texts and Contexts

Its research activities in the basic field are the study of grammar as a tool for conceptualization; figurative language analysis as a mechanism for categorizing reality; observation of cultural and ideological models that make up the discourse; and the development of interlanguage contrastive and intercultural studies. In regard to applied research and transfer, its activities focus on the implementation, in the first place, of the cognitive framework to teaching oral and written skills in Spanish; secondly, on intercultural and interlingual studies in professional fields of translation and training of teachers of Spanish LE / L2; thirdly, on the study of cultural and ideological teaching of Spanish as target language. Finally, this division develops grammatical and textual contents for the design of applications softwares. The results of these investigations are intended to influence the field of education, training and research according to the general and specific objectives of the IATEXT.