"La gramática no es dramática" por María Nayra Rodríguez y Lía de Luxán

Monday, 21 February, 2022

Doctor and member of IATEXT, María Nayra Rodríguez Rodríguez and Doctor Lía de Luxán Hernández have published the article "Grammar is not dramatic" on the popular science platform The Conversation.

In the article, the teachers expose the importance of grammar, it is "the backbone of the text, the key to communication, good or bad information and the emission of what we feel” that is why the choice of words that are chosen when expressing ourselves is important. Users of social networks communicate their thoughts and emotions through texts, regardless of their knowledge of grammar, but they must bear in mind that " a message can have as many interpretations as users read it" so the mechanisms of  courtesy should be very present so as not to judge cybermessages given that in " misunderstandings multiply exponentially in social networks due to the lack of linguistic and extra-linguistic context of a message."

They also point out that “the digital age has created a grammar that does not only play with words, but also with emoticons, “I like you”, “recommendations” in the form of clicks… The grammar changes, it adapts to new communication channels, as well as to social demands.”

They emphasize the importance of grammar and invite us not to forget about it because it is a way to understand each other and eradicate any conflict. "Grammar is beautiful because it allows us to understand each other and a written message or spoken in an appropriate context is capable of eradicating any conflict."

Full article in The Conversation.

In addition, both professors from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have participated in the radio program QPH Radio which is broadcast over the Internet. You can listen to the intervention in the link that appears at the end of this web page.