Proyecto Excerpta. Article by Professor José María Maestre.

Wednesday, 7 September, 2022

The Professor and researcher at the University of Cádiz, José María Maestre, has published an article on the International Congress Elio Antonio de Nebrija: Humanism and Power that took place in Lebrija in July, attributing special importance to the Excerpta Project, one of the greatest achievements of said University Institute of Textual Analysis and Applications.

In that Congress, the Professor and member of IATEXT, Dr. D. Gregorio Rodríguez Herrera presented the presentation: "Power and good government in the Latin florileges of the 16th century.", which praised Maestre for his clarity and intelligence when it came to unifying the importance of letters with the relevance of the digital world.

Rodríguez Herrera announced the Excerpta Project, created by the IATEXT and dedicated to the study of Latin florileges of the 16th century, providing online digital access to them for simple or combined consultation and facilitating comparative research by segments. This project is funded by the Government of the Canary Islands.

Complete article in Notices Journal.