Workshop Internacional 'Territórios Ibéricos e Identidades Insulares'

Thursday, 12 May, 2022

On 23 and 24 May the International Workshop ´Iberian Territories and Insular Identities´  at Colégio Almada Negreiros (NOVA) Xuventude de Galicia – Centro Exterior da UNED,  Lisbon.

The International Workshop «Insular Territories and Identities» aims to discuss and apply a methodology to the concept of identity in island border areas, specifically in the Iberian archipelagos during a period of consolidation of the Atlantic in the Modern Age. Communications will have as a starting point a unique approach for each archipelago, ending the workshop with a round table that will aim to understand the common features that identified the identity of these island and Iberian societies.

The objective of this event is to transversally analyze the imaginary relative to the islands by the islanders themselves, from the individual to the plurality of the community, from continuity to dynamism and from failure to success in defining and understanding of his own identity. This approach to the concept of identity in a border space will be celebrated through a colloquium of the scientific community, members of different areas of knowledge.

To that extent, it fits perfectly into the central theme of CHAM's strategic project and is seen as an opportunity to develop activities with researchers from institutions outside of Portugal, Europe and America.

More information and Program: Workshop International' Iberian Territories and Insular Identities'