A work co-edited by Pilar Domínguez Prats, awarded by the American Oral History Association

The American Oral History Association (OHA) has granted the Book of the Year Award 2016 to Memory, Subjectivities, and Representation: Approaches to Oral History in Latin America, Portugal, and Spain, which was coedited by Rina Benmayor, María Eugenia Cardenal de la Nuez (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and Pilar Dominguez Prats, member of the Division of Documentation, Heritage and Atlantic History at the IATEXT.
The Oral History Association committee underlined the diligence and effort in editing, as well as the determination necessary to bring such relevant work by Latin-American, Portuguese and Spanish researchers to an English-speaking audience, who is rarely exposed to it. “It’s more than a collection of essays by young doctors; it sheds light on some of the main lines of work that lie outside an English-speaking context”, stressed sociologist María Eugenia Cardenal. “Besides, they have acknowledged the purpose to find common ground within obvious disarray. Although this is not an anthology, we did make an effort to incorporate the kind of internal discussions that take place among different disciplines and introduce the authors that best represent them”, added Pilar Dominguez Prats, who has presided the Oral History Association board, which bilingual in nature.