Research on euphemism in English and its features in literary contexts

Khosbayar Nyamsuren
02 de marzo de 2018
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Khosbayar Nyamsuren is Lecturer in Linguistics at Otgontenger University of Mongolia and she is currently doing her doctoral studies on this field at the Graduate University of Mongolia. She is on an Erasmus Mundus doctoral scholarship at the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for a ten-month period, under the academic supervision of Dr Mª Victoria Domínguez Rodríguez, a researcher at the IATEXT (Division on Variation and Linguistic Change). 

For Nyamsuren, this doctoral scholarship is the perfect opportunity to conduct research on euphemism in English and its features in literary contexts, with a great length of comparison, and by the guidance of outstanding professors and mentors at the ULPGC who have experience and expertise in the field of Linguistics. All this carried out in an excellent campus environment and having the opportunity to work at the IATEXT facilities for support. She decided to apply for the ULPGC because she found its system of study as one of a kind, both academically and culturally. She especially appreciates the liberty of creating her study plan to reflect on her own research aims and being able to design her personal working pace. Furthermore, Nyamsuren welcomes the “excellent” rating of the Doctoral Programme for Linguistic Studies in their Socio-cultural Contexts (DELLCOS) and overall friendly atmosphere at both the university and the city. The third main reason why she has chosen the ULPGC for her Erasmus Mundus project is that it specializes in interdisciplinary research on key linguistic issues, which is absolutely her field of study. To her, "studying in a foreign country is always a challenge, however, with the resources provided by the university and the instructions of my supervisor, my learning journey is being motivating, inspirational and full of new knowledge aspects."