Segundo volumen de la colección "Diálogo vivo ULPGC", dedicado a la consolidación de los estudios filológicos

Tuesday, 15 February, 2022

On February 14, the presentation of the second volume of the collection Diálogo Vivio ULPGC,  dedicated to the beginnings of Philology studies and entitled The consolidation of philological studies.

This time they are two IATEXT researchers, the Professors Trinidad Arcos Pereira and Yolanda Arencibia Santana, together with Professor Máximo Trapero Trapero, the fundamental pieces of this volume and of course, the consolidation of the philological studies at the ULPGC.

The consolidation of philological studies was recorded on July 14, 2021 and in that session the three share experiences about their philological vocation, their academic training, their relationship as teachers first with the University College of Las Palmas and then with the ULPGC, the difficult relations with the University of La Laguna before the creation of our university, the enthusiasm generated by social pressure and the project to create the ULPGC, the creation and consolidation of the Faculty of Philology, the difficult balance for the university professor between research and teaching dedication, the pros and cons of accepting management responsibilities, the positive and negative aspects of the implementation of the grading system, competition that is not always fair of private universities and another series of questions that will not leave the interested reader cold.

Diálogo Vivo ULPGC is a collection that is published in audiovisual (video) and textual (book in print and electronic editions) format, which starts from an idea of ​​the rector Lluís Serra Majem, developed by the Vice-rectorate for Culture, Sports and Social Activation of the Campuses, to preserve the memory of the ULPGC through the words and stories of its protagonists.

The electronic book and video resulting from these first two volumes are accessible here.

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