Carmen Márquez Montes participa activamente en la difusión de la obra de Dolores Campos-Herrero en el Día de las Letras Canarias

Wednesday, 2 March, 2022

The Government of the Canary Islands dedicates the Canary Letters Day to Dolores Campos-Herrero, an outstanding writer and journalist. Author who has gone through all genres and has left a work of reference and literary research, as highlighted in the institutional act on February 21 Carmen Márquez Montes, IATEXT researcher, who actively participates in disseminating the work of Dolores Campos-Herrero.

Márquez Montes is a specialist in the work of the Canarian author, whom he defined as an “avid reader, insightful writer and curious woman”, who seeks in the reader an accomplice for her creative mind “ bright and lucid”. Similarly, the professor framed Campos-Herrero in "a new critical current that will speak of women's literature" with "other views and different sensibilities" and stressed that at the same time she was "of her time and eager to innovate, to progress aesthetically”. In her speech, Carmen Márquez Montes added that the work of this Canarian author is "the fruit of a historical and personal moment that knows how to reflect without ever ceasing to respect the past and scan the horizon with a gaze" and like her, "lucid and pioneer ”.

The Canary Islands President of the Government, Ángel Víctor Torres, the Deputy Minister of Culture, Juan Márquez, and the writer's sister, Marisol Campos-Herrero, also participated in the act for the Day of the Canary Islands. .