IX Congreso Internacional de Lexicografía Hispánica

Thursday, 26 May, 2022

At the University of La Laguna, the IX International Congress of Hispanic Lexicography will be held from May 25 to 27: : «Lexicography of Spanish. Internationalization and Intercommunication» in which some members of the Institute of Textual Analysis and Applications (IATEXT) participate;  the Doctor Francisco Carreras Riudavets, the Doctor Yaiza Santana Alvarado and Professor María Teresa Cáceres Lorenzo

The  Congress aims  to accommodate all debates on theoretical or practical lexicographical issues and, on this occasion, we encourage the participation of international lexicographers, either so that provide an American perspective of Spanish lexicography, or to show the state of bilingual lexicography in various countries and languages.  Special attention will also be paid to digital lexicography.

The meeting brings together 150 researchers from 30 countries, and vindicates the work of those who investigate the creation of dictionaries at a time when the technological revolution has placed this field in a period of crisis.