Centennial Congress of the International Geographical Union

Wednesday, 20 July, 2022

The Doctors and members of the Division Societies and Atlantic Spaces: Discourses and Cartography from IATEXT, Josefina Domínguez Mujica, Juan Manuel Parreño Castellano, Mercedes Rodríguez Rodríguez and Claudio Moreno  Medina participate in the Centennial Congress of the International Geographical Union  which from today, July 18 to 22, takes place in Paris.

Contemporary geography has managed to borrow various characteristics from the different social and natural sciences in order to modernize its approaches without ceasing to be a science of space. This has led to the flourishing of works in various fields, which are providing key elements for understanding the complexity and uncertainties of our world and its evolution at different scales. Being at the interface between urban planning, the environment, sociology, risk studies, geomatics and many other fields, geographers have developed tools to read and organize spaces, and articulate them with the transformations of societies. Through these principles, contemporary geography accompanies people and their communities in the analysis and projection of future developments in our spaces and territories.

The IGU International Congress in Paris 2022 is an opportunity to bring together scientific talent from around the world and to continue cultivating dialogue between geographies and societies. The keynote speeches, the scientific presentations and the various social gatherings organized during the Congress will give substance to these high-level debates.

More information about the Congress: https://www.ugiparis2022.org/