"Culture, art and power: the agency of late medieval noble women on the small screen" by Doctor Raúl Villagrasa

Saturday, 17 February, 2024

From February 26 to 28, 2024, the X History and Cinema Conference organized by the Carlos III University of Madrid will take place and which in this edition are titled «Not just muses and divas: women and the arts on the screen».

Some sessions directed by Doctors Vanessa de Cruz Medina (University of Castilla-La Mancha) and Beatriz de las Heras (Institute of Culture and Technology of the UC3M) that will be told, in the session of the Monday the 26th, with the Doctor and member of the IATEXT,  Raúl Villagrasa-Elías.

Villagrasa-Elías will participate with a presentation on late medieval noble women and their representation on the small screen. In her exhibition, she will address the role that late medieval nobility ladies, both historical and fictional, have had in arts, culture and government. To do this, cases typical of the Velasco lineage, the common thread of the project Scripta manent, will be interspersed with female characters from television series.

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